3 Day Schedule At A GlanceJUNE 6, 7, 8, 2022

Monday June 6th Day 1

Registration & Check-in

Monday Registration & Check-In

Happy Hour

Monday Happy Hour

Pitch (Open Mic) Night

Pre-Register to Speak by Getting on the WaitlistMaster of Ceremonies: John Santisi aka @FOMOHead™

Tuesday June 7th Day 2


Web3 Utility vs. Web3 Novelty: What's the Difference

Panel Discussion, Speakers: Kim Merkel, Cory Clay, Vince Wicker, Link Green. Moderator: Brooke J. Lacey. Our expert panel will explore how the term “utility” is over-used in web3. The panel will dig into the difference between innovation and smoke and mirrors when exploring that next project’s ‘utility’.

Powerful Women in web3

Panel Discussion, Speakers: Victoria Fuller, Lorri Tupman, Cristina Manrique, Sonia Ahuja, Jasmine Brunson. Moderator: Cynthia Overton. Women are playing a big role in Web3, and their contributions will shape how we work, live and learn. Our panel will discuss Web3 opportunities, the potential for Web3 to solve social problems and...

Special - Woman Developer Roundtable

Brooke Lacy, Cristina Manique, Madalina Sannciu.

Lunch - Tuesday

Do Enjoy… See you back soon

Afternoon Kickoff - Tuesday

Get Ready For The House To Shake

Crypto IRL: How In Person web3 Scales

Panel Discussion, Speakers: Micah, George Gebran, Cory Clay, Victoria Fuller, Justin Chmielewski. Moderator: Vince Wicker. The producers of Still Working Nine to Five: A Documentary will also share some of the nuances that they’ve had to navigate and how operating in a web3-first world has opened doors for them.

The Pace of Innovation in web3: Expert Panel

Panel Discussion, Speakers: Jorge Ruiz, Mihai Sandor, Cristina Manrique, Joseph Wicker. Moderator: Vince Wicker.

Stretch Break / Announcement

Web3 for Social Impact

Panel Discussion, Speakers: Mec Zilla, Will Torbet, Jorge Ruiz, Ty Roane, Sonia Ahuja. Moderator: Cynthia Overton. The shift from centralized structures to individual agency and community empowerment presents unprecedented opportunities to create social change. This session highlights how innovators are leveraging the power of NFTs for good.

Self Care in Web3: Minding your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

Panel Discussion, Speakers: Cory Clay, Will Torbet, @earthdaddy, Moderator: Alex Wagner. This session addresses the importance of self care in Web3 and highlights strategies for taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being – regardless of the market, peer pressure or the fear of missing out.

Bonus Session: Cash Flow NFT's

Panel Discussion, Speakers; Micah, Theard, Ray Vidreo. Moderator Vince Wicker

Adjourn - Tuesday

Have a Fantastic & Exciting Evening… See you all tomorrow

Wednesday June 8th Day 3

Welcome - Wednesday

A Big Welcome To NFT Connect Day 3

Future of Web3

Panel Discussion, Speakers: Alex Wagner, Austin McHenry, Tyler Stockfield, Brooke J. Lacey, Amy Stroud. Moderator: Lucas Bean Web3 is the intersection of community, economics, and technology. What people do around these three elements is what our panel of experts will explore. Drawing from building, supporting, advising and pushing the envelope...

NFTs and DeFi: What Everyone's Missing in web3

Panel Discussion, Speakers: Ray Pepito, Marcelo, Ben Peeri, Amro. Moderator: Vince Wicker NFTs are a simpler concept to grasp than tokens. Face it – NFTs grew the space for everyone. However when projects fail to get the DeFi right, projects can and will sit dormant. Our panel of experts will...

MOFO Goats

The GREATEST OF ALL TIME! 5000 GOAT NFT collectionOur vision is to find MOFO (motivated and focused) talent and present them to the world! The GOATS reward creators and fans alike.GOATS will incentivize innovation and collaboration from great minds everywhere.

Lunch - Wednesday

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Afternoon Kickoff - Wednesday

Let’s get ready to “Rumble”

How DAO Innovations are Reshaping Organizations

Panel Discussion, Speakers: Jorge Ruiz, Cristina Manrique, Gerry Hartis, Paul Brooks, Austin McHenry. Moderator: Vince Wicker DAOs offer members the potential to create and control their own destiny. This session will address how DAOs are changing organizations and the motivations of it’s member. Our expert panel will discuss how DAOs...

Crypto Gaming Innovations: A. Peek around the Corner

Panel Discussion, Speakers: Parsiq A, Parsiq B, Jeff J. Hunter, Tim Cook, Lucas Bean, Moderator: Vince Wicker Gaming will never cease to be one of the most innovative spaces in tech – and it’s not slowing down for web3 gaming. Our panel of expert will discuss new developments in gaming...

New SBU DAO Member, Dale Watson Takes The Floor!

Dale Watson is in the house!

Building a Strong web3 Community

Panel Discussion, Speakers: Tyler Stockfield, Melanie Anderson, Dustin Ray, Alex Wagner, Aviva David. Moderator: Rao Pepito Launching a Web3 community can be done in an instant. But maintaining one requires strategy, structure, and persistence. This panel will draw on research and best practices as they discuss what it takes for...

Regulation and Policy in Web3

Panel Discussion, Speakers: TBC1, TBC2. Moderator Ray Pepito In February, 2022, NFT Connect Arizona participants heard from local lawmakers about their interest in creating policy to protect the future of crypto. Since then, different branches of the U.S. federal government have been charged with studying and supporting technological advances in...

Metaverse Brief: The Impact on Adoption

Team Presentation: Colin Wiebe & Garnett Campbell of Starwire/Mofo GOATS & Carlos Austin. Moderator: Vince Wicker


Departing Words – Till We Meet Again!